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Ross Cameron Defines Trading Momentum Strategy

Ross Cameron has recently published a number of strategies on his web. These relate to the practice of day trading. The emphasis is on finding stocks that are on the move. These are the ones that will make you the maximum amount of money. Better yet, they are able to do so in the shortest amount of time. 


But this is a strategy that requires money. Ross Cameron is quick to caution amateurs who are thinking of getting into this type of trading. For this trading strategy, it is most certainly not the best idea for someone who doesn’t have a great deal of patience. 

Ross Cameron Defines Trading Momentum Strategy

You will also require a rather hefty financial cushion to lean on. In most cases, the leader and other experts in the trading industry recommend a cash source of about $25,000. If you begin during the early part of the day, as Ross Cameron advises, you are sure to find a stock that is moving. 


In fact, you will likely find some stocks that may move about 20% or even 30%. These are the ones that you can plan your momentum strategy around. But the main idea is to find more of these stocks before they begin to move (Amazon).


To do this, you will need to master the art of prediction. This is exactly the area in which Ross Cameron has managed to excel. To this end, has made this information available as part of his website content. He has also promised updates that will be uploaded on a consistent basis.