On/Go Tests Post-Pandemic Era

Ron Gutman’s Journey: Pioneering Customer-Focused Healthcare in a Post-Pandemic Era

In the realm of global mobile health, the name Ron Gutman resonates as a distinguished philanthropist and angel investor. His journey, from a TED Talk on smiling to securing Series A funding from The Mayfield Fund, showcases his unwavering commitment to customer-focused healthcare and humanitarian endeavors. Gutman’s fascination with smiles was ignited during National Smile Week, an annual celebration that emphasizes the importance of positivity and well-being. 

His TED Talk on smiling received widespread acclaim and featured in esteemed publications such as the Harvard Business Review. This pivotal moment led the healthcare and business expert to the creation of “On/Go Tests,” an online consumer health platform offering a myriad of healthcare services, including virtual consultations with U.S.-licensed doctors. In a post-pandemic era where remote healthcare became imperative, Ron Gutman’s platform proved to be a game-changer. 

His utilization of cloud computing technology and FDA authorization ensured convenient and secure access to healthcare services. Hospitals in Ukraine, a region often underserved in healthcare, experienced a significant transformation due to healthcare and business leader Ron Gutman’s innovation. The less privileged population in Ukraine now has access to essential medical services, thanks to “On/Go Tests.” Gutman’s commitment to “Tikkun Olam,” the Jewish concept of repairing the world, extends beyond business ventures. 

He actively participates in health conferences like SXSW and Health 2.0, where his insights on customer-focused healthcare and the role of technology in global health improvement are shared. His philanthropic contributions have supported various humanitarian organizations in Ukraine, aligning with his vision of making quality healthcare accessible to all (Forbes).

Today, Gutman’s global mobile health brand stands as a beacon of hope, and his legacy continues to flourish. His firm conviction and passion for customer-focused healthcare, driven by innovation and a genuine desire to help others, has not only revolutionized the healthcare sector but has also brought smiles to countless individuals. As we navigate the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, Ron Gutman’s pioneering spirit serves as a reminder of the profound impact a smile can have on the world.