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Robert Kraft’s Plan Is For The USA To Host The 2026 World Cup

As part of Robert Kraft’s pitch for the World Cup, which will be the first on US soil since 1994, the company announced it would be restoring the field markings in place when Gillette Stadium was completed. The markings, which were on field boxes and above them, are now considered cosmetic.

With all the upgrades, Robert Kraft is confident Gillette can host matches from the 16-team, 48-team tournament, the first expanded edition. “This should be about the people of the US,” he said. “We’re the only ones that could do something like this.”

Additionally, Robert Kraft said that unlike what happened in 1994, the games wouldn’t be in the summer, which would allow the World Cup to benefit from significant investments in the sport in the US. “By putting the World Cup in 2026, you’re going to create this tremendous momentum of other tournaments, and then you’re going to change how people feel about the sport,” Robert Kraft said. “The US won’t be back until we become a global soccer nation.”

Major League Soccer plans on expanding to 26 teams, with ten new expansion clubs in cities including Nashville and Miami. The hope is to secure an automatic berth in the expanded league in 2020, and Gillette Stadium is one of 10 venues being considered for expansion. Gillette is the only NFL stadium on the list of possible venues, but it is the largest and most popular among the 11 venues the United Bid group is considering.

Austin, Texas, will host games at $250 million NRG Stadium, while Dallas will be awarded a stadium to host games at a $500 million AT&T Stadium. While New England Patriots has been methodical and potent on offense, Miami’s offense has been nearly as potent. It’s one thing to win when you’re scoring. It’s another thing to win when you’re still tallying yards, time, and score every time your offense takes the field.

Kraft also praised the opening of the revamped NESN offices at Gillette, where the network’s staff relocated from The Market Square offices at the Allianz Park complex. Kraft graduated from Milton Academy and Columbia University. He then received an honorary doctorate from Boston College in 1988. Go to this page for more information.+


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