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Robert Kraft’s Life and Accomplishments

The American businessman Robert Kraft was born in Brookline on June 5th, 1941. He founded the Kraft Group, a holdings company with investments in the packaging, real estate, sports, and private equity industries. However, most people recognize him due to his ownership of the New England Patriots and the Gillette Stadium.

Kraft’s Early Career Life

Kraft attended Brookline High School, graduating in 1959, then proceeded to Columbia University on scholarship. He later went to Harvard Business School for his MBA and graduated in 1965. Robert Kraft began his career at the Rand-Whitney Group, a packaging company in Worcester owned by Hiatt. He is still the firm’s chairman to date.

He later founded International Forest Products, a company dealing with paper items, exporting their commodities worldwide. These two companies form a significant part of the privately-owned paper and packaging sector in the United States. Karft’s investments also spread to the entertainment sector, where he owns several radio stations in Boston. He is also part of a private equity firm that funded the operations of Scott Sanders Productions.

Apart from his business operations, Kraft and his wife Myla are generous philanthropists who give tens of millions yearly to various charities. Most of their contributions go to child and women issues, youth and sports, education, healthcare, and America-Israeli operations.

Acquisition of the Patriots

Kraft became passionate about football from a young age. He has been a fan of the New England Patriots since the days they were under the American Football League. His ownership journey began when he bought a parcel adjacent to the stadium in ’85, then later outbid others in ’88 to purchase the stadium out of bankruptcy.

When Robert Kraft bought the team in 1994, it seemed like an unlikely decision, but it helped keep the team in its location. He then began the journey of revamping the stadium and its surroundings, a journey that took many years of frustration and persistence. The team has also played in the Super Bowl severally and keeps improving its performance with each year that passes. Refer to this page for additional information.


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