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Religious Freedom Advocate – Supporting the Right to Live According to Beliefs with Alliance Defending Freedom


Founded in 1994, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is a Christian legal organization that defends religious freedom, the sanctity of life, human dignity and family values. They are committed to protecting the right of individuals, organizations and churches to share their faith freely. ADF works domestically in the United States and worldwide through its international ministry, ADF International.

ADF believes that every person should be free to live according to their beliefs without fear of government retribution or interference. To this end, they provide legal counsel, strategic advice and other advocacy services to those who need help defending their right to religious freedom and free speech.

Alliance Defending Freedom also protects parental rights, the sanctity of life, and God’s design for marriage and family in both domestic and international contexts. ADF’s mission is to preserve religious liberty, the sanctity of life, marriage and family by advocating for these values in the public square. They hope to ensure everyone can live and speak according to their beliefs without fear of government interference or retribution.

Alliance Defending Freedom has played various roles in 74 Supreme Court victories, which include protecting the free exercise of religion and the right to life. ADF’s work has secured freedom for pastors, churches, religious organizations, college students, family-owned businesses, pro-life pregnancy centers and a town council. ADF’s victories have also safeguarded free speech rights in public universities, overturned laws that discriminated against people of faith, and protected the dignity of individuals seeking medical treatment.

By strategically defending religious freedom, free speech, life, marriage and family in the courts, Alliance Defending Freedom strives to create a society where those with deeply held religious convictions can share their faith freely. This takes courage and dedication, and ADF is proud to stand up for individuals, churches, organizations and other entities who need a voice. See related link to learn more.


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