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Raffaele Riva Condenses the Basics of Wealth Management

Few people in the wealth management industry have had so immediate and lasting an impact as Raffaele Riva. There are a number of very pressing reasons why this should be the case. For one, not many people have ever taken seriously the real need for innovation. Too many of them have simply set up shop using the same techniques that have worn thin.

As a result, the power that the human mind has to organize in a new manner has long lain dormant. It was up to a true innovator like Riva to remind them of their capacity. This is an area in which Riva has succeeded beyond even his own wildest dreams. The result has been an emphasis on originality and quality that has taken the financial world by storm.

He is the CEO of the AUREA Multi-Family Office. This is a wealth management firm that operates by a new set of rules. Its most defining feature is that it doesn’t stand on ceremony. Instead of focusing on only one aspect of the task, it takes them all on at once. This is the secret to the major success that it has managed to take hold of.

The AUREA group is actually four companies in one. There are four subsidiaries, each of which is devoted to a specific task. This ensures that none of the firm’s clients has to go elsewhere to receive a certain set of services. Every detail that needs to be taken care of can be handled under one roof.

Raffaele Riva can thus be seen as an innovator whose time has come. All too often, the industry has been flooded with competition. Thanks to his achievement, it will now be a far less cluttered realm. This will eliminate a lot of tedious extra details.

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