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Qnet is an online marketplace business platform for entrepreneurs to sell their products directly to consumers. By providing quality goods at reasonable prices, we’ve given thousands of micro-entrepreneurs around the globe the chance to start their businesses. Our network includes over 50 countries and 1.2 million active sellers. These sellers have different backgrounds and cultures – yet all share the same passion for improving their local communities.

Qnet in UAE collaborated with Direct Deal General Trading LLC, a legal entity registered with the Dubai Chamber of commerce under Commercial Register Number 912193. Its resident office is Latifa Tower, Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai.

We connect individuals and businesses through our products. We’ve helped millions of people get organized, save money and time, and reach greater heights. A few hundred thousand customers have shared their stories with us. To them, we say thank you!

QNET is deeply inspired by the life and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. He is a great leader, humanitarian, and activist. His teachings lay the foundation for Rhythmic Rewards™ – an innovative financial system designed to empower individuals to be successful and contribute to society. We believe we should help each other achieve success to be successful ourselves. Our mission is to provide rewards that allow you to raise yourself to help humanity.

As we write our history, we will not forget what the founders intended us to become — a movement founded around the idea that all people deserve a voice and that everyone deserves access to information. As a result of their hard work and dedication, we were born out of the desire to create something innovative, empowering, and accessible. We stand behind our mission statement, and everything we do is aimed at helping to spread the word about blockchain technology.

Do you wonder how businesses get started? What makes them successful? Why are there so many different kinds of businesses out there? What drives them forward? It depends on traction. Traction means something starts to move and becomes big enough to cause ripples. These ripples could either push against other things already going down the road or bring other things along that weren’t yet around. That is why direct selling is such an efficient business model. If you give someone the right platform, they can reach thousands of people within minutes. A small amount of effort goes into getting your product ready, and millions of customers wait for you. It is pretty amazing when you think about it. But it takes traction to make it happen. Like this page on Facebook, for related information.


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