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Philip Belamant’s Zilch: A Disruptor in the Payments Industry

In the article “Philip Belamant’s Payments Industry Disruptor Zilch: Not Your Grandmother’s Installment Plan”, the author discusses how the new Zilch instalment plan is disrupting the payments industry. This plan allows customers to make purchases without interest or fees and is already being used by major retailers such as Walmart. The author believes this payment plan will soon become the norm, as it offers a much better deal for consumers than traditional methods such as credit cards.

Benefits of Zilch

Philip Belamant is the founder of Zilch, a payment system shaking up the status quo in the payments industry. Zilch offers customers an instalment plan that is more affordable than traditional methods and easier to use. In an example about a lady called Cassie who stumble on a gorgeous dress on the internet for sale, the article outlines the primary benefit of Zilch in BNPL. The feature allows Zilch clients to possess their items after making a down payment before paying the whole amount.

Zilch is Going Global

In May 2022. Philip Belamant, the brains behind Zilch, expanded his company’s international presence. Philip Belamant has big plans to take his innovative payment solution global, and he’s well on making that happen. With its unique approach to payment processing, Zilch is poised to significantly impact the global payments market.


Philip Belamant is the founder of Zilch, a company that is shaking up the payments industry. With Zilch, consumers can purchase items over time without interest or fees. The innovative solution is a welcome change to traditional purchasing items.

Philip Belamant has a long and successful track record in the technology industry. Zilch is currently available in the USA after their expansion in May 2022. The company plans to expand to other countries soon.