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Philip Belamant Wins Coveted EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Philip Belamant is the CEO and founder of Zilch Technologies, an award-winning company that powers cryptocurrency payments for fintech companies across the globe. The CEO has started from his home in South Africa with just a vision and passion for success he has proven over time to be one of the most influential figures in representing Africa on the global crypto map at a time when crypto adoption is on the rise internationally. The CEO is a serial entrepreneur who has founded other companies in the past including an electronic payment company which he sold for over $4 million. But his love for the crypto space is what drives him to have Zilch be a success contributing immensely to the growth of crypto adoption and awareness across Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

Zilch is a multi-currency payment platform that enables merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments seamlessly without having to understand the technical details of blockchain or cryptocurrency tech. The platform allows payment providers to add Zilch as a payment option and then merchants can accept payments in the instant or the next day. This feature is what has earned Philip Belamant and his team the EY Award. With Zilch, businesses can also cash out to crypto directly from their bank accounts or buy crypto coins instantly for security purposes when there are concerns about card fraud. Also, you can use the platform to check your cryptocurrency balance and make payments online.

The EY Entrepreneur of the year award tests for purpose, growth and ambition. Philip Belamant and his team have shown that they have been able to achieve these at the highest level with Zilch. what has stood out most for Zilch is their great risk taking ability fueled by passion for technology is evidenced by their decision to invest in a brand new technology at a time when it was not prevalent yet.

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