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Philanthropy is One of The Core Values of Quattro Development

Philanthropy is one of the core values of Quattro Development. Rob Walters and Mike Liyeos, the company’s founders, pride themselves on being accountable to the community by carrying out philanthropic campaigns and acts of charity. They achieve this by offering assistance at homeless shelters, sponsoring Little League teams, and assisting real estate start-ups.

About Quattro Impact Fund

Walters and Liyeos founded First Chance, a nonprofit organization to enable them to carry out philanthropic work. Walters stated that initially, he had established the nonprofit to raise money for junior high school kids who did not have an opportunity to participate in volunteer or study abroad programs.

They gave away millions to various causes, ranging from sponsoring a documentary based on a human interest story, paying funeral expenses, and even donating to food pantries. Eventually, it was unable to continue the fund due to tax implications. Walters and Liyeos are hopeful that they will restart this venture again in the near future.

Giving Back and Little League Sponsorships

Imparting knowledge to kids concerning giving back is of importance to Quattro Development. Rob Walters and Mike Liyeos believe that teaching kids to perform acts of charity is important; thus, they put forward a proposal to the Little League team that in order to get sponsorship for a trip, they would need to donate time to a homeless shelter.

The Benefits of corporate philanthropy

Its founders, Walters and Liyeos, give back because they feel compelled to, as it has changed how they approach business. It has increased their capacity to be humble and fair when conducting business.

Quattro Development has not taken developer fees in the recent past; instead, they take on profitable projects that, if carried out successfully, they get paid. To date, they have not suffered a loss in this business approach.

Either through their humble approach to business or philanthropy, the company’s co-founders strongly believe that acts of kindness and service will only bring good back to the company.