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Mr. Cooper Mortgage Helping to Make Smart Financial Decisions

Mortgage servicer and originator Mr. Cooper operates in the United States. It was formerly known as the Nationstar, established in 1994 in Coppell, Texas. Apart from investment and conventional property loans, Mr. Cooper also offers VA and FHA mortgages. A “Close on Time Guarantee” is also available from the lender for people using traditional financing to buy a new home. If the lender delays the closing, it will pay the borrower’s entire first month’s mortgage principal and interest. 

Additional benefits include the ability to connect customers with a local real estate agent who will sell their current home for a discounted commission, and borrowers who purchase a home using Real Estate Rewards can receive a credit offered across the country across most states.

Prospective borrowers searching for a convenient and straightforward online process, an intuitive mobile app, and a wide range of mortgage products are available at Mr. Cooper. Loans offered include Jumbo, Non-QM, home equity loan, and fixed-rate. 

The rates charged by Mr. Cooper’s lenders differ depending on the type of loan. Typical conventional conforming loan origination fees typically start from $995 per loan. On the firm’s website, prospective borrowers can get estimates of costs and rates based on inputs like property listings, down payment, credit rating, and other factors.

Mr. Cooper doesn’t have a physical presence. You can apply for a loan through this company’s call center, webpage, or mobile app. There are informational publications and guidelines on the lender’s website about the home-buying and mortgage-lending process and an easy-to-use app for checking application status and making payments. Online pre-qualification and verification of approval are also available. Lenders keep in touch with you via email, mobile, message, and other electronic means once you’ve signed a loan agreement with them.

Mr. Cooper issues loans by abiding by the conforming loan requirements for mortgages to be approved by the government-sponsored enterprises.