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Miki Agrawal: The Social Entrepreneur Who's Changing the World.

Miki Agrawal is the Founder of THINX, the world’s first-period panties for all women. She started THINX with a mission to change the conversation around women’s periods from being a topic of shame to one of openness and acceptance. She’s a regular guest on the podcast “Doing.”

Miki Agrawal has founded and led both nationally and internationally acclaimed design-based enterprises. For almost ten years, she led and co-founded several companies: (acquired by Gilt Groupe), which created the first social media network and auction platform for nightlife professionals; Beaumonde (acquired by Williams-Sonoma), which developed one of the world’s largest e-commerce websites and the company behind The Bacon Package, the first microwave bacon package, which was one of the most searched products on the web for three consecutive years; and Agatha, a luxury company, which pioneered luxury apparel on Amazon and generated over $150 million in revenue.


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Miki Agrawal vision: I’m looking forward to just continuing to raise the bar for women and encourage them to trust themselves and the products they buy. All my work is an experiment for myself to see if I can manage to scale a business and build my purpose. It’s always been more important for me to create opportunities for women to realize their dreams than it is to make money.

Miki: My mission with THINX is to bring a level of equality to women’s hygiene, making disposable underwear universally accessible. Miki Agrawal had created a thousand jobs in the US by helping customers get rid of their tampons – every woman should have access to good quality period products. She was also supporting the growth of a movement that encouraged corporations to donate to charities that provide women with free menstrual products.

It is true that she was unhappy and felt alienated in a job that wasn’t satisfying to her, that she wasn’t good at and that she could do better. The strong entrepreneur in Miki Agrawal knew that a company is not only about making a profit for the company and the shareholders, it is also about making a difference in the world. So instead of complaining about her job, Miki took the necessary steps to make her company a better place.