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Luis Horta E Costa Pioneers Eco-Friendly Real Estate Developments in Portugal

Luis Horta e Costa, the visionary co-founder of Square View, is leading the way in the rise of eco-friendly real estate in Portugal. With a deep commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices, Luis Horta e Costa is revolutionizing the construction industry, ensuring that Portugal’s captivating lands and Atlantic Ocean beaches are preserved for generations to come.

Horta e Costa’s dedication to protecting natural habitats led to the creation of Lisbon’s Green Plan, a visionary initiative aimed at safeguarding the city’s wildlife-rich areas. By connecting unspoiled acreage to the Main Green Corridor, this plan prioritizes the preservation of Lisbon’s natural beauty while simultaneously addressing air pollution concerns.

Sustainable Luxury in Cascais: AZO Development

One shining example of Luis Horta e Costa’s commitment to sustainability is the AZO development, a luxurious apartment community situated in the beautiful bay-front town of Cascais. Partnering with Stone Capital and the renowned architectural firm OTO, Square View has crafted a masterpiece that seamlessly integrates eco-friendly elements into its design.

AZO showcases the impressive array of green technologies available to developers, combining small details, carefully chosen materials, and a customer-centric approach. Sustainability is at the forefront of this project, featuring ample green areas, parking for electric cars, and a strong emphasis on energy efficiency. Just a stone’s throw away from both Lisbon and the glistening Atlantic Ocean, AZO epitomizes the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern luxury.

Shaping the Future of Real Estate in Portugal

Luis Horta e Costa’s impact on the real estate landscape extends far beyond the AZO development. With a portfolio that includes 500 residential units under development, Square View continues to spearhead sustainable projects throughout the country. Horta e Costa’s collaboration with Stone Capital has resulted in remarkable achievements, such as the carbon-neutral Étoile 240 office building and the environmentally conscious Comporta Retreat compound.

Embracing Sustainability in the Heart of Lisbon

Recognizing the growing importance of aligning with sustainable practices, Horta e Costa ensures that every aspect of the construction process, from design to demolition, minimizes negative environmental impact. By creating sustainable facilities that protect the environment, enhance human well-being, and preserve valuable resources, Horta e Costa is setting a new standard for the real estate industry in Portugal.

Luis Horta e Costa’s unwavering dedication to sustainability, combined with his innovative approach to eco-friendly real estate development, cements his position as a true visionary in the field. With his leadership, Portugal is poised to become a global leader in environmentally conscious construction.