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 Launch House Redefining Cohabitation for the Digital Age

This is a new startup studio launching soon in Pittsburgh, PA. We will open up a beautiful 10,000-square-foot space for entrepreneurs and startup companies to grow together. Our goal is to provide a co-working space for those interested in building their company or pursuing their idea further into the future. We will have three levels of a play dedicated to different tasks; we believe the best collaboration comes from working amongst people with similar interests or backgrounds.


We are located right in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh, right across the corner from The Andy Warhol Museum. The Launch House space is 10,000 square feet on three levels with a 5,000 square foot mezzanine. We have plenty of conference rooms and an open relaxing or working area. We are located on Liberty Avenue at 11th street and 2nd Avenue.

  1. Space Type

We will have a variety of meeting rooms and conference rooms ranging in size. Our conference room size is based on the number of people you want to have co-working with the room. We will also provide wifi, three printers, a desktop computer, and a projector. We will not offer high-speed internet access because it is difficult to find residential high-speed internet providers willing to work with startups.

  1. Amenities

Launch House will have a large kitchen and dining area. We will also offer coffee, tea, and soda, all free. We will also have a small lounge with a couch, water cooler, fresh flowers, and some light snacks. Launch House has three levels of space for startups to work out of: In the basement, there are 2,500 square feet to rent, which includes wifi access and one conference room with seating for eight people.

Launch House is a community designed to grow and thrive by providing startups with a place to work together. We will provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet like-minded people and share ideas. Launch House will be based in Downtown Pittsburgh, PA. We aim to provide co-working space for entrepreneurs and startup companies to grow together.

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