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Launch House is Launching a Venture Arm

Launch House has three founders. Michael Houck along with Brett Goldstein, and Jacob Peters chose to begin House Capital. Their purpose in doing so has been to find ways to support those who like to engage in the important process of entrepreneurship. Launch House aim to help in real world ways including proven advice and the creating of an authentic community devoted to a common goal.

Launch House began in January 2022. Since that time, they have chosen to invest in companies of all kinds. Companies like Ghost Financial and Coinbooks have been happy to have them on their side. Given their early success, it’s no wonder that so many companies have welcomed their advice, insight and financial support. They’ve also been instrumental in showing other companies how to raise additional capital. With their support, it’s not surprising that the companies they’ve worked with continued to earn respect and additional funding from other sources.

A Venture Arm

With an impressive track record like this, it’s no wonder that officials at Launch House are looking for new ways to offer support for people who share their vision. They have formed a venture arm. This project is being called House Capital. House Capital has a debut fund. The debut fund is worth ten million dollars. This fund plans to have a few basic and important aims.

One of the fund’s aims to help those business people who are part of the community. Another aim, the fund has, is to work closely with startups. They are looking for startups that have the potential for long term, high growth. They are also looking for startups that have just begun to operate and seek out financing. They hope this will allow them to see even further growth and support all kinds of important entrepreneurship. See related link to learn more.


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