Keter Sustainability Efforts

Keter is is the leading provider of quality outdoor storage sheds, cabins, and other related structures . Founded in 1992, it has grown to become a leader in the home and garden market. Keter strives to be mindful of its impact on the planet, which is why they have created sustainability efforts that make the world a better place. They are committed to reducing their carbon footprint while increasing their social consciousness and contribution to society. The company makes strides towards essential sustainability by having achieved B Corp status.

  1. Founders

Yossi Zeidler, a founder of Keter Sheds, started the company to improve the world. He wanted to ensure he was leaving the planet a better place for future generations. Through his company, Yossi seeks to provide people with access to quality tools that benefit the world and their lifestyles. He believes that his products help bring communities together through socialization. This occurs naturally when people can share and exchange items they need or want on their property.


  1. Mission

Keter has built its mission around being an environmentally-conscious, socially-engaged business that strives to create a better world every day through its products and services. They aim to promote a sustainable lifestyle for people who live in urban areas and smaller spaces. They want to ensure that people have enough space to plant trees, grow vegetables, and enjoy the outdoors without being confined by a limited amount of square feet.

Keter is a company that has innovative products and provides customers with good quality service. It is England’s leading provider of shed kits, garden boxes, and raised beds. Their main objective is to ensure that people have enough room to grow vegetables and enjoy their yards. They have made it possible for others to become more self-sufficient by providing them with the materials they need to sta, learn more about Keter.