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Kelcy Warren

Kelcy Warren is an American billionaire and the chairman and chief executive officer of Energy Transfer Partners, a company in charge of constructing private and public oil and gas pipelines and overseeing pipelines. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and was founded in 1995. Warren has been considered one of the most influential Texans. Some publications have even ranked him among America’s top 100 wealthiest people. More about the billionaire can be read below.

  1. Investments

He is the owner of Energy Transfer Partners, a company involved in transporting energy and natural resources across the globe. Warren is involved in all aspects of this business, including the construction and operation of oil pipelines, and oversees pipelines. This company also builds power plants, forwards natural gas pipelines, builds railroads, and operates directly to consumers’ electricity transmission systems. The company has been estimated to be worth approximately $8 billion. This is a significant increase from the reportedly $1 billion business he was running in 1995. Kelcy Warren is also involved in other companies.

  1. Achievements

Kelcy Warren has achieved a lot throughout his life. He is a well-respected businessperson and has been credited with creating America’s oil and gas pipeline industry. His company is also one of the largest employers in North Texas. He is also known as a generous philanthropist, donating money to educational institutions in his home state of Texas. He is also known for giving $55 million to the University of Dallas, where Kelcy Warren was once a student.

Kelcy Warren has made his mark in the global oil industry. He is a successful businessman who has earned many accolades from his peers and businesses across the globe. His influence and influence over people have helped him achieve his goal of building the oil and gas pipeline industry in America, yielding better results for energy companies today. See this article on Crunchbase, for additional information.


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