CEO Investor

Joseph Ashford of K4 Global

Joseph Ashford is the founder of K4 Global, a Bournemouth-based software development consultancy. Joseph has been involved in the software industry for over ten years, having worked with companies such as Google and Microsoft. He founded K4 Global in 2015 and has since grown it into a successful business that provides services to clients around the world.

Joseph is passionate about leveraging technology to drive growth and create impactful solutions. He uses his expertise in software development to help companies build smarter, better products and services.

As a Bournemouth-based company, Joseph also works closely with local organizations to mentor young entrepreneurs and promote the growth of digital innovation in the area. Through the firm, Joseph has built a strong product and service portfolio that helps clients solve their business problems.

He is passionate about using technology to drive growth and create positive impact, and K4 Global has been recognized by numerous organizations as one of the most innovative software development consultancies in the world.

Joseph Ashford is an active member of his home community, regularly attending local events to promote digital innovation and provide mentorship to entrepreneurs. He is also a speaker at many software development conferences, sharing his expertise and experiences with attendees. Joseph strives to inspire and motivate others to use technology for good.

Joseph Ashford’s passion for technology and dedication to helping Bournemouth businesses grow makes him an invaluable asset. With his expertise in software development, Joseph Ashford has been able to help companies of all sizes develop innovative solutions to their problems. He is committed to using technology to drive growth, create positive impact, and continually make Bournemouth a better place to live and work.

The success of the company is a testament to Joseph’s passion and commitment. He has become an integral part of the digital innovation scene, helping businesses develop their software solutions and create positive impact through technology.