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Interview With Andrew Frame


With new ideas and business models springing up constantly, it’s hard for innovators to keep track of them. Andrew Frame founded Citizen, the first app to integrate location information with 911 intelligence to keep everyone safe. The Citizen is for anyone who has had an innovative thought or wants to learn how others think and work.

Andrew Frame shares his insights on what it means to be an innovator, why meeting other innovators is essential, and how to implement your innovative thinking into your day-to-day life.

How to build an innovative habit

While innovating is a natural state for some people, it often becomes a thoughtless task for others. To be a successful innovator, making it a habit is essential. There are many ways to integrate new habits into your life, but one way that works well is to use a tool, such as Asana, that helps you create new habits and integrates with other platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Another way to make it a habit is to memorize the process of creating new habits and integrating them with your daily life


The world is full of ideas. The challenge is to make them happen. Being an innovator is hard work and takes a strong desire to change the world and a willingness to put in the effort. However, being an innovator is also rewarding because the impact of your ideas and actions will change the world. So, if you want to be an innovator, you need to think outside the box and be open to new ideas and ways of doing things. It would help if you also built a habit of innovating, which can be challenging and hard work, especially when there is a lot of pressure to do something in a certain way.

The best way to turn your ideas into reality is to get out there and meet other innovators, share your ideas, and build relationships with other people who are thinking outside the box. See this page for additional information.


More about Andrew Frame on https://theorg.com/org/citizen/org-chart/andrew-frame