Chyna : A WWE Wrestler, World Famous Woman, and Adult Film Star


In celebrity stardom, pornography is one stepping stone and a way to make money, if superstardom is not guaranteed. Numerous WWE women and men have either started out in porn or drifted into it after waning in the big ring spotlight. Some famous wrestlers worked in porn for cash, while most WWE divas engaged in porn for artistic and other benefits to their careers.


Males that sought out porn in addition to the WWE include Gangrel and Hulk Hogan. But most fans want to see who the female WWE stars have been that entered the adult film world. The list includes Tammy ‘Sunny’ Sytch, Tylene Buck, Candice Michelle, and Mickie James. But last year, the WWE lost one of its giants, who happened to have been among the adult actresses and super woman of wrestling.


The world lost its Ninth Wonder of the World and International Champion, Chyna. She had a career that tops wrestling, but found her way into the adult industry first as an impressive Playboy magazine model. Later she went on to sell herself with her infamous sex tape and a string of other lesser films. Her most famous adult project was her appearance as a parody Marvel comic fans know as the She-Hulk.


The world will forever miss Chyna, as a goddess of wrestling feminism and a career that will never be diminished by her WWE porn work. Her body was beautiful in anything she put herself into. Her death made international fans take pause, but never will she be forgotten.