Beer was introduced into Canada in around 17th century by the British settlers. Refrigeration facilities were then not more developed as they are today and thus Canadian climate favored beer brewing as compared to other parts of the world. Brew industry in Canada has grown largely due to investments from local and foreign investors. Canadian brew industry also boasts of the numerous brew varieties they are able to manufacture among them the Weissbier which is low in after test due to use of wheat in brewing and special Bavarian yeast, Nutcracker Porter is made from dark cinnamons, Figgie pudding, and little sugars, Holy Smoke Scotch Ale with smoky flavor as a result of using malted barley dried in open flame (About.me). Notable top brew companies include the central city brewing located in Surrey, British Columbia, Denison’s brewing company in Toronto, Ontario black oak brewery in Etobicoke, Ontario, Applewood breweries a Stouffville as well as Steamworks group in Gastown among many more others.



Though the Canadian brew industry has grown today, there is one person whose efforts need acknowledgment in ensuring that traditionally available ingredients are made use of in beer flavors. Eli Gershkovitch is regarded as the veteran in Canadian craft brew industry. Eli Gershkovich is the founder, owner, and CEO of Brew Company known as Steamworks group of companies. Eli Gershkovitch has maintained the simple personality, working hand in hand with his competitors in ensuring craft brewery gets global recognition.



Eli Geshrkovitch is a professional pilot and retired lawyer. His main dream revolves around helping craft breweries get global recognition. Eli Gershkovitch established his business firm in 1995 as Steamworks brew pub in Gastown which accommodated 184 customers and has grown in space to accommodate 754 customers currently. In 2013, Eli Gershkovitch expanded his business, whereby it now packages and markets its own products.



Eli Gershkovitch has more than 21 years of understanding in brew industry and has enjoyed success due to sticking to his plans of expanding craft brewery (http://www.montrealgazette.com/life/Gershkovitch+owner+Steamworks+brew+Vancouver+with+1948+Plymouth+Special+Deluxe+Woody+station+wagon/8035571/story.html). His brew enterprise has expanded to several Canadian provinces, 14 U.S. states as well as in countries like Hongkong, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland.



Eli Gershkovitch advises the growing brew entrepreneurs to cement their market base locally before deciding on global marketing. Eli Gershkovitch has introduced creative ideas into craft brewery that has made them flourish in the highly competitive Canadian beer brewing industry.



Bruno Fagali Brings a New Dimension of Corporate Integrity to the Brazilian Corporate World

Bruno Fagali, the partner of FAGALI advocacy, is credited with bringing a new dimension to corporate integrity in the Brazilian corporate world with his initiatives at nova / sb, a reputed advertisement agency in Brazil. He was asked to join the firm as a Corporate Integrity Manager by its management in a mission to ensure transparency in its operations and contracts. It should be noted that nova / sb has a reputation of collaborating with various international organizations including Food and Agricultural Organization, World Health Organization, and more, in addition to government contracts. With the increasing public scrutiny of government contracts and the high expectations of international organizations, the firm demanded the service of Fagali.

In nova / sb, Bruno Fagali implemented a Corporate Integrity Program and trained the team from Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo offices. He helped the agency to set up an employee ethics committee and brought the policy of treating both members and employees alike. Interestingly, Bruno Fagali cannot be fired for 36 months, and that gives him the advantage of acting decisively to implement the program. He made the changes submitted to the Comptroller General’s Office as the compliance codes of international organizations are more stringent.

Bruno Fagali earned his graduation in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and secured a specialization in Administrative Law from FGV-Gvlaw. Currently, he continues his master’s in State Law from the University of São Paulo. Bruno Fagali has greater expertise in Anti-Corruption Law, Public Law, Compliance, Parliamentary and Electoral Law, and Advertising Law.


Karl Heideck: The Job Description of a Litigator

Disputes tend to arise every single day. Whether it is in the business world or with family, you may end up having a disagreement that may need the help of an attorney. A litigation attorney is the kind of lawyer you will go to when you need help to settle the dispute, whether in court or out of court.

A litigator usually takes instructions from a potential client before agreeing to represent him. Just like other kinds of lawyers, a litigator may charge fees at an hourly rate or get into a retainer agreement with his client. When you go for your first consultation, a litigation attorney will want to know everything that happened. This is the only way they can determine whether you have a case or not.

When you have a litigation attorney helping you with your case, he will work on it from the start to the very end. A complex litigation matter requires more work and a lot of research on the part of the litigator. Whether they work for a large firm or individually, research and writing skills always come in handy.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney who practises law in the Greater Philadelphia area. He is well-respected and known for his experience and expertise in the area of law. He has taken on many clients and helped them win cases, both challenging and simple ones. He is passionate about business law, risk management and compliance. He is also open to defending clients with bankruptcy and family law matters.

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