Courtesy of the New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), New York residents now have a better, easier way to seek legal guidance on matters pertaining criminal law, child custody, drafting of wills, handling landlord disputes among other legal issues. The New York state bar’s online portal was developed in partnership with Legal.io, a national marketplace and referral management technology provider for the whole industry.


This partnership has redefined the delivery of legal consultation services to New York with great effect. Their referral procedure entails the completion of a confidential questionnaire that outlines your legal problem in detail. Once the questionnaire is filled, the state bar staff embarks on a review of the client’s legal needs, a process that culminates in matching the client with an attorney. The linking of a particular client with an individual lawyer is dictated by the location of a particular attorney and the location of the customer’s premises.


Although the referrals are not charged to the client, a consultation fee of $35 becomes due once a client consults their assigned legal expert. There are, however, exceptions to this charge. Clients whose Cases are pertinent to social security, veterans and military law, personal injury, employee compensation and medical malpractice are not required to pay the 35-dollar consultation fee. The New York state bar association does not require clients to retain the services of the lawyer they have been assigned to. However, clients who decide to keep the services of the assigned attorney are advised to negotiate the legal department fees arising from such a decision.


Despite the existence of many legal experts in New York, passionate lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein are well-known for their professionalism. Jeremy Goldstein’s excellent delivery of legal services is attributable to his vast experience in legal matters. Having worked with organizations such as Rosen and Katz, Lipton and Sterling LLP, Jeremy Goldstein took an extra step and founded Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. Currently, Jeremy Goldstein holds the role of a chief partner at his law firm.


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