The Role of Kate Hudson in Strengthening and Marketing Fabletics

Kate Hudson has revolutionized the phase of online marketing. Her latest ad about Fabletics makes you feel like you are watching the video directly on her Instagram or Snapchat feed.



As Kate takes the red carpet, it is evident how cute she looks in Fabletics. The main reason why Fabletics has been among the top brands in the market today is that of their purpose. The manufacturing firm intends to use the Fabletics designs to inspire women. The company wants to make ladies comfortable in wearing any outfit irrespective of age, color or shape.



Since its inception in 2013, Fabletics has focused on developing the fashion-forward athleisure brand. The purpose of athleisure being to empower and inspire women of different social and economic standing. Focusing on the athleisure brand, Kate and her business associates have managed to increase the net worth of the firm to excess of 250million. The amount is no joke, considering that Kate had no known previous experience in running a business.



In the year 2013, TechStyle Founders, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg conceived the idea of an athleisure. During this period, the market did not have a stylish, quality and fair priced athleisure brand. All was just a sea of black and gray overpriced workout gear for the ladies.



The two partners noticed the gap in the market and strategized on how to maximize on the gap. But to realize this, they needed to make alliances. It was at this point that the duo decided to involve Kate. They found her to be friendly, and approachable, the skills that they needed in a partner.



After Kate’s joined the company, the firm was able to increase their sales volume steadily. The only challenge at this juncture was to increase sales and raise the quality while reducing the cost of selling the product. For better customer service, the company advises its customers to check compatibility of the various products before making a purchase.



The Fabletics Company attaches great importance to date, feedback, and information. The concerns and questions raised by different customers are effectively dealt with and within the shortest time possible. Through this way, the company has been able to earn and maintain an excellent reputation standing.



Marketing the products have been simplified, the merger between Kate Hudson and TechStyle Fashion group allows Fabletics to share resources. The huge social media following by the two ensure that the message reaches the highest possible number of consumers.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Can Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Keep Closing the Distance to Amazon?

Amazon is the number one retailer in the online clothing niche for a reason, they are bringing in well over 20 percent of all the sales in this highly competitive market. With so many sellers looking to scratch out a buck in this space, it can be hard to tell who the next retailer is in line after Amazon. Those images may be getting a little clearer this year as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics begins the march to the top position. In little over 36 months, this women’s active-wear company has sold an impressive $250 million in sales, and they rare just warming up.


To hear Hudson talk about her athleisure brand, you would think she has to be hiding something because there is no way the success formula is this simple. Hudson says that the combination of reverse showrooming and her membership package is all that really is setting her apart from the rest of the industry. It doesn’t hurt that you have a celebrity name attached to the brand, but that is not the reason these women are spending incredible amounts of money at her stores.


Look at what is happening at the Fabletics retail stores in local malls.


Shoppers are trying on all the workout apparel they can get their hands on, they are taking the lifestyle quiz, and they are window-shopping without pressure from sales associates to make a purchase. No pressure and a relaxed atmosphere only add to the appeal of buying at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics.


Now when these same customers have the time to shop online, things really take a very interesting turn. Every piece of workout apparel that was worn inside the store at the mall can be uploaded to the customer’s online account. Now since you already know the clothing fits you perfectly, you have the luxury to shop through an even larger inventory without any restrictions. Compare that to shopping at Amazon and waiting for days to try on the clothing to discover you have to send it back and buy another piece.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is also rewarding their customers with free shipping for those online order, the aid of a personal shopping assistant, and even discounted apparel pricing. Your quiz answers help the assistant to choose one piece each month they think you may enjoy, just one of many pampering techniques that ladies around the country are really relating to.