Into the Business Mind of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman has a B.S. in economics and an MBA in finance. He provides guidance to start–up companies. He has a 5-step performance methodology which means his focus is on risk management, human capital, leadership power, and execution in business. Glen Wakeman is also a writer although his other methods are proven more accurate than many other executives. He has lived in 6 different countries running business operations in 30 regions globally. He can match money to an idea. Sometimes the failure rate for start-ups can be quite high. In the morning, he reviews all the numbers for the prior day. Explaining an idea to another person is one way of establishing a purpose for that idea. His worst job was scrubbing toilets at an automobile parts factory, which helped him pay for college. He recommends working on better records on friends and acquaintances.

His strategy comes from reading a book called “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. It teaches teamwork, discipline, and preparation to the modern reader, which makes this book useful in a modern context. He feels that spending $100 on Spanish lessons was the best $100 he ever spent. As a writer and investor, he maintains a blog. He is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC which is in Miami/Fort Lauderdale. His title is Financial Services Executive, Board Member, and Public Company CEO. The Launchpad Toolkit Company is a library of advice for entrepreneurs. His previous job was being CEO of GE Capital. He has lived and worked in both U.S. and International markets. In the recent past, he held an advisory role with a company called Nova Four (NewsSky). Further back in the past, Glen Wakeman was the CEO of Latin America for GE Money from December 1985 to May 2006.

Serial Entrepreneur Marc Sparks says business and entrepreneurial challenges Can’t Eat You

Serial entrepreneur, Marc Sparks observes, “the process of starting a business begins with building a business model and acquiring the resources to ensure success.”And indeed this has been a rather enterprising career, creating several successful companies and as he posts, learning through failures in the process.


The CEO of Timber Creek, LP wears several hats, but his eye for business ventures sets him apart. Most of his life, Sparks has spent time creating business by sparkling ideas into life. Timber Creek Capital has been instrumental in laying the foundation of a successful business by injecting capital in them while Marc is always close to offering expert input in regard to planning, strategy and the market. Cell phone companies such as Blue Jay Wireless and Cardinal Telecom LLC are a few highlights of Marc’s incubation input. Marc acknowledges that lighting business ideas is not just about money and goes ahead to offer startups office space, acquire equipment, guide in the legal processes, enabling them to set up accounting models and so much more. Learn more:


In 2014, his advertising agency, Marc USA headquartered in Pittsburgh’s launched Marketing Sparks, an initiative that focuses on giving start-ups a head start by engaging with leading marketing experts. It is based on three-hour intensive sessions in which entrepreneurs are expected to create strategic marketing and business development ideas that can help them launch a successful venture.


Marc Sparks, a high school graduate who managed a C+, has penned down his entrepreneurial journey in his book, They Can’t Eat You. He has used the book to highlight his failures and successes for the benefit of the budding entrepreneur.


As a way of maximizing resources such as time, Marc has embraced the “Sparks Speed” theory which he explains as a model that helps him capture aspects of Faith, Passion, Tenacity, Focus, Savvy of Monetization, and speedy or urgent execution of ideas to life. Learn more:


Marc is not just a dull Jack focused on business alone as he engages in several philanthropic activities. The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter in Texas is one of Marc’s philanthropic beneficiaries. His approach, he says is to help through a hand-up input as opposed to a handout outlook.


Whereas start -ups face challenges in laying the right foundation, it is capital investors such as Marc Sparks who come to the rescue of ideas that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. His approach to business incubation is evidently great music to entrepreneurs since it focuses on an all round solution.


Obviously, Marc’s involving schedules can be largely demanding and he winds up with outdoor activities including hiking, biking, travel and is a lover of competitive sporting, maybe borrowing from his business successes. In fact, he is so much excited about traveling that he points it out as a way of getting more ideas. Learn more: