Improving Quality Through Human Interaction, Robert Thikoll

Ingersoll Rand is a massive, $13 billion corporation that focuses on products and services designed to help advance the quality of life of its customers. This goal is reached through a wide variety of methods and the Vice President of Operational Excellence, Robert Thikoll, is there to ensure that the highest quality standards are met.

His job as the Vice President of Operational Excellence requires that Robert stay at the head of developing as well as implementing the practices that are intended to move the company towards lean transformation. With a whole team working with him, they aim to provide the highest quality thought leadership.

Through a duo of both hands-on engagement as well as influence, Robert and his staff are able to implement a wide range of initiatives that are designed to increase overall efficiency as well as productivity.

Robert has held and grown through various positions of responsibility during his time at Danaher. He currently holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in Political Science as well as another in Japanese and additionally he has a minor in Asian studies, all completed at the Arizona State University in Tempe.

Robert Thikoll is one of the few businessmen around that carries himself to some of the more old-school ideals. He has been known to say that even though we live in an era of light-speed technology and virtual interfacing, interaction and human relations are what will determine the success or failure of any project.

Keeping an emphasis on people and mentoring has enabled Robert to advance in both his career as well as in his personal life. When prompted, Robert gave away one nice little bit of knowledge for entrepreneurs, with a culture that is slowly stepping away from fatty American and European food and towards a much healthier Asian cuisine perhaps investment in that direction is wise.

Imran Haque – Diabetes Specialist

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of Americans and causes countless deaths every year. It claims your health and your life. First, it causes irregularities in your blood sugar levels so that your body cannot properly process vital glucose. This causes a deficiency in the way your liver produces insulin or utilizes insulin; you either have too much or not enough. This causes a drastic chain reaction and the body will fluctuate in weight loss or weight gain as your energy levels wildly swing back and forth. It can be deadly and what Imran Haque knows.

Dr. Imran Haque has dedicated a large portion of his practice in North Carolina to treating patients with this terrible disease. While there is no cure for it (it lasts for your entire life) he provides countermeasures which serve to lessen the extreme condition. Dr. Imran Haque will study a patient’s diet and exercise, take family history into consideration and prepare a proper plan for going forward with treatment. When treating his patients, he takes the utmost care to perform a thorough physical inspection before recommending any medications. Dr. Imran Haque will supply his patient with a new eating routine and combine medications that will level out their blood sugar. Following this, he will recommend lifestyle changes that will help with a patient’s weight loss or gain. After educating his patients, he performs regular checkups with them to certify they are in top shape. Dr. Imran Haque is licensed by the board in North Carolina to perform such procedures and many citizens are thankful they can place their trust in him and Imran’s lacrosse camp.

Once the patient has their diabetes under control, they are usually in a happier state of mind. Dr. Imran Haque gives people an entirely new outlook on life and his practices in Asheboro and Ramseur are renowned for their premium service and positive environment and resume him.

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Amicus Therapeutics- the Biopharmaceutical Power Company

The biopharmaceutical company called Amicus Therapeutics based out of Cranbury, New Jersey began with the ultimate goal of helping those with rare and orphan diseases. In their goal to helping fight against these rare diseases, they have the means to conduct safe research to help develop new methods of treatments and to even improve upon old treatments. Manned by a dedicated staff of innovative employees, who are at the forefront of developing new therapies for rare and orphan diseases (GoogleFinance).


Amicus Therapeutics has specialized in treating many different types of diseases, for example, Fabry Disease a mutation that causes long term damage to organ’s tissues. With the committed and passionate staff at their disposal, they have developed many treatments to combat the very same disease. At Amicus Therapeutics product development is based on their largely used Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy which is a platform for the development of enzyme replacement therapies. The platform allows for safe progression from a concept to new breakthroughs in treatment for rare and orphan diseases.


At the Core of Amicus Therapeutics values are teamwork, passion, and fairness toward their staff and the patients they treat. The aim of their passion is being in the forefront of the newest therapies and in doing so by engaging it with ferocity and tenacious questioning and research ( Armed with innovation the Amicus Therapeutics team aims to heal patients with fairly priced medicines that are broadly accessible to the public. The employees at Amicus Therapeutics believe in respecting each and every individual’s contribution, with a diversity of expertise and experiences they allow for professional and healthy work-life style. When the staff crafted those goals it had created a set of standards in which they are proud to stand by emboldening their resolve to deliver safe and effective medicines to those afflicted with rare diseases.