Roberto Santiago: Owner Of The Manaira Shopping Mall in Brazil

Roberto Santiago was born and raised in Joao Pessoa. He later attended Pio X-Marist College and joined the University Centre of Joao Pessoa for an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Roberto started his career journey at Café Santa Rosa which is a Brazilian based manufacturing company. He later quit his job to start his own company, Cartonnage which specialized in selling cartons made from cardboard.

Roberto went ahead to look for more challenges, and that was when he ventured into real estate. In 1987, he bought land and decided to launch the Manaira Mall on it. The mall is built on 75000 meters squared piece of land in the city of Joao Pessoa. It took him two years to realize this dream and turn it into a reality. In 1989 the Manaira shopping mall was launched consisting of around 280 stores including a theatre, a gaming area, food court, several shopping stores, financial institutions, a college, and a gym.

The mall boasts of hosting one of Brazil’s famous halls, the Domus Hall that is located on the rooftop. The hall has enough space to host weddings, conferences, exhibitions, and graduation ceremonies. It accommodates up to four thousand seats but can still hold up to ten thousand standing individuals. The hall has been upgraded and installed with air conditioners, soundproofed walls, and high-tech music systems.

The Manaira Mall has also tried to keep up with other entertainment options such as the gaming areas that are suited for both adults and children. It sits at 18000 feet; the gaming area has over two hundred betting machines upgraded to date. It also hosts various restaurants to suit every person’s tastes and preferences. Roberto strategically chose the mall’s position that is located between two beaches giving shoppers great view. Since The Manaira Mall boasts of a vast number of visitors, parking has been allocated to about one hundred and thirty-five feet which can cover parking for about 3000 cars.

In 2013, Roberto went ahead to set yet another shopping mall and named it Mangeira. The Mall is no different from Manaira with its diverse and substantial business impacts. The presence of the two malls has attracted numerous advantages into the surrounding area. Many corporations and enterprises have relocated to the city elevating the economy. The two malls have further created employment opportunities for its native residents giving a boost to the economy. Moreover, over the years, the land around the two malls has appreciated significantly, with many settling in the area for convenience. Since the standards of living have been rising over the years, Roberto has been a pioneer in offering satisfying services for both shoppers and entertainment seekers.

Lastly, Roberto’s success in the business can be attributed to hard work, sharp vision, passion, and commitment.


The Best Budget Travel Destinations For 2017

Forbes Magazine 2017 series has come up with a list of the most interesting travel destinations in 2017, from the Philippines to Georgia. It captures the most indigenous and exotic options, providing expert guides to these travels.


Jarryd and his colleague Alesha Bradford are digital nomads, traveling from Chiang in Thailand to South Africa, and in the process coming up with this documented list of leading travel destinations in the world.


1.Northern Vietnam

Travelers overlook the Hanoi region, along with the China border. Great beauty, culture, and scenery lie in this region. The meandering roads, rice terraces, towering hills and the ethnic minority contribute to a complete adventure. Dorms charge from $ 10 to $ 5 per night, while food can cost a maximum of $2.


2.Lisbon in Portugal

There are numerous squares, cafes, old historic buildings and great museums. The old feeling is such a ton of character, with budget consideration at a maximum of $30.


3.Bishkek, Kyrgystan

More than 905 of the country is covered in mountains. The country has a rich history spanning to thousands of years. Though underrated, it is one of the most interesting places to visit in the world. Bishek has remnant Silk Roads and trekking tours in the mountains.


4.Seoul, South Korea

The city is a hub of technological infrastructure, old buildings, skyscrapers and delicious Korean recipes. The city cost of living is also significantly low.


5.Bucharest, Romania

Has an impeccable mixture of old and modern infrastructural display of architecture. There are old cemeteries, museums, and historical sites to view. Food is cheap and accommodation available.


The Wild Ark Story

Wild Ark is an eco-friendly foundation founded with the sole mission to secure and protect the diminishing green covers of the world. Wild Ark believes that one way to protect biodiversity is to conserve the green belts, and in the process preserve wildlife.


Origins and Formation

It was founded by Mark Hutchinson together with his wife Sophie Hutchinson. They joined hands with their team to bring the idea to fruition. The team’s main concern is to reduce the peril facing the wildlife and the green cover in the world at the moment.


Wild Ark was created by committed and passionate environmental conservationists with interest in educating people on the importance of wildlife and the need to protect the planet or the benefit of future generations. Learn more:


Imran Haque – Diabetes Specialist

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of Americans and causes countless deaths every year. It claims your health and your life. First, it causes irregularities in your blood sugar levels so that your body cannot properly process vital glucose. This causes a deficiency in the way your liver produces insulin or utilizes insulin; you either have too much or not enough. This causes a drastic chain reaction and the body will fluctuate in weight loss or weight gain as your energy levels wildly swing back and forth. It can be deadly and what Imran Haque knows.

Dr. Imran Haque has dedicated a large portion of his practice in North Carolina to treating patients with this terrible disease. While there is no cure for it (it lasts for your entire life) he provides countermeasures which serve to lessen the extreme condition. Dr. Imran Haque will study a patient’s diet and exercise, take family history into consideration and prepare a proper plan for going forward with treatment. When treating his patients, he takes the utmost care to perform a thorough physical inspection before recommending any medications. Dr. Imran Haque will supply his patient with a new eating routine and combine medications that will level out their blood sugar. Following this, he will recommend lifestyle changes that will help with a patient’s weight loss or gain. After educating his patients, he performs regular checkups with them to certify they are in top shape. Dr. Imran Haque is licensed by the board in North Carolina to perform such procedures and many citizens are thankful they can place their trust in him and Imran’s lacrosse camp.

Once the patient has their diabetes under control, they are usually in a happier state of mind. Dr. Imran Haque gives people an entirely new outlook on life and his practices in Asheboro and Ramseur are renowned for their premium service and positive environment and resume him.

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