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Immensa’s 3D Printing Technologies Focus on Benefits Brought to High-Volume Production

3D printing is a new technology that has succeeded in service industries such as engineering, architecture, and medical production like never before. With that in mind, companies like Immensa have been stepping up to introduce 3D printers into mainstream manufacturing scenarios with their patented additive manufacturing technologies.

The company was founded on the belief that nobody should accept inferior goods because of limited resources or lack of funds for equipment when solutions are available. Their technology can provide a single-source solution for complete manufacturing and design needs.

Immensa’s 3D printing technologies focus on benefits brought to high-volume production, assembly, and design without compromising quality. With the 3D printing process implemented in the company’s patented technology, these benefits include:

  1. Rapid Production – The additive process can print parts and assemblies produced through a single machine. With this process, Immensa’s engineers can produce a prototype for a product in a day, rather than the typical six weeks it would take in some instances with conventional manufacturing.
  2. Reduced Costs – Cost reduction is brought to the design and production stage by using existing materials and machines compared to traditional manufacturing.

III. Reduced Time – Immensa’s technology can produce parts for prototyping using existing machinery in minutes, whereas a traditional process would take days or longer to produce something similar.

Immensa has set up a system so that the process will run seamlessly from design conception to production method. Even though the technology is quite new, it has already gained traction in many scenarios. As more and more industries see its value, the process is expected to begin significant growth. By working with companies to integrate their technology with custom products and design methods, Immensa will be able to continue expanding its reach.