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 Hassan Jameel Is a Visionary Leader Who Navigates with Purpose

His enthusiasm for mobility and technology largely drives Hassan Jameel’s leadership approach. Jameel and his family have continued to lead Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ) into profitable international ventures. His goal is “to cause disruption.” Jameel knows that keeping up with some of the world’s fastest-evolving industries requires a focus on digitization and mobility.

ALJ has used strategic leverage for over seventy-five years to expand from a single gas station to a well-regarded, internationally diversified investor and operator. The corporation has grown into a global powerhouse, with operations in more than 30 countries and across industries as diverse as engineering, real estate, and consumer goods. Hassan Jameel has used many digitalization initiatives to better ALJ’s data collecting, communications, and operations as part of the company-wide initiative.

The Jameel family invested heavily in US electric car producer Rivian at an early stage, marking the beginning of the family’s foray into the auto manufacturing industry. According to Jameel, there are “huge prospects” for entrepreneurs “wherever you go” and the mobility market, including companies that assist with local and international relocations and assignments. That’s a good fit for ALJ.

On determining the industry to invest in, Hassan Jameel evaluates a sector’s potential dangers and rewards by envisioning what it would be like in 20 years. ALJ determined that the sectors they were already familiar with had the lowest risk. As they continue working with other companies, they take time to build trust. Jameel draws parallels between his father’s entrepreneurial spirit and ALJ, likening it to a fast-paced and dynamic startup that is receptive to the next generation. It learns its errors and continues to utilize innovative methods of digitalization.

Jameel and the firm think long-term about making partnerships and investments. He’s proud that his family has always tried to give back to the community, especially his grandpa, who started it all. Hassan Jameel stresses the importance of a company’s owners, managers, and workers having a genuine interest in the company’s goal rather than seeing it as a means to an end. ALJ is proud of its Saudi heritage while being a worldwide competitive company. According to Hassan Jameel, ALJ is committed to positively impacting Saudi Arabia’s history.

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