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“Haroldo Jacobovicz: The Visionary Founder of Arlequim Technologies in Curitiba, Brazil”

As an entrepreneur and civil engineer, Haroldo Jacobovicz has made an indelible mark in the information technology landscape. In 2010, he laid the foundation for Arlequim Technologies, known today as Horizons Telecom, one of Brazil’s leading telecommunications suppliers.

With a 100% fiber network, cutting-edge equipment, and multi-point redundancy for unparalleled stability, Horizons Telecom has become a trusted name in the industry.

Jacobovicz’s journey to success has been anything but conventional. As a serial entrepreneur, he also founded e-Governe Group and Horizons Datacenter, each playing a pivotal role in solving complex information technology challenges and leveraging talent and strategic resources. In a recent interview with Inspirey, he attributed his success to a unique blend of analytical thinking and natural intuition.

“I just see potential,” Jacobovicz shared, “and when that happens, I seek out the right people to help me understand better, contribute ideas, and get involved.”

This intuition led him to make a daring decision in 2013: investing in Brazil’s first-ever Hard Rock Café. When the original investor group withdrew, Jacobovicz took a hands-on approach, assembling a team and ensuring the business thrived until its successful sale in 2018.

Driven by a passion for innovative solutions, Jacobovicz’s ventures extend beyond business solutions into addressing real-world challenges. He derives immense satisfaction from witnessing how his technological solutions improve people’s daily lives.

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