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Gino Pozzo’s Success In Football

Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo are, not only football enthusiasts but also parents of Gino Pozzo. Gino was born in Udine, Italy, and moved to the United States when he was 18. He got his masters from Harvard University, married, moved to Barcelona, Spain, spent 20 years there, and later moved to London.

Gino comes from a well-known family who love football. Gianpaolo bought the Udinese club in 1986, which is from his hometown. The sports club’s rise to glory made the Pozzo family famous. Before, the family was in the woodworking industry, which they sold in 2008. Today, they own an electrical appliance business in Spain and are involved in property and finance mergers.

He bought Watford club in 2012 because of his passion for football, which was fueled by his father buying Udinese. Gianpaolo bought Udinese because of his fondness, emotional commitment, and mercy towards the club’s financial difficulties. While owning Udinese, the Pozzo family learned a lot about football, and today they use that knowledge to uplift Watford.

Gino Pozzo became a board member of Udinese in 1993. Gino Pozzo made significant changes to the club, which led to its growth. In 2009, the family acquired Granada FC when he was living in Barcelona, which led to Granada’s rising to Segunda B; he later sold his shares to concentrate on the other clubs. When the family bought Watford, it was indebted and struggling to be successful; today the club is making millions and has improved its national standing.

Gino is always present during training, which makes him different from other owners who carry out administrative duties only. As a businessman, he uses a different strategy of changing head coaches regularly and signing many players on international loans to his clubs. Gino’s open-mindedness has made the impossible possible for his football club. See related link for additional information.


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