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Gary McGaghey: How to Become a Strategist CFO

Private equity expert Gary McGaghey is headquartered in London. He is a CFO with international expertise. To help CFOs decide how they can support their organization’s strategy the most effectively, McGaghey has described four orientations of strategic CFOs. These orientations clarify many aspects of the strategist’s role and help businesses determine whether to change direction and adopt a new strategy.

Gary McGaghey Explains How to Build and Lead Great Teams

Private Equity specialist Gary McGaghey suggests that CFOs make several decisions to determine their strategic path. He advises CFOs to think about the following issues when making these choices.

-What are the aspirations and objectives of the company?

-What products and services does the business provide?

-Which markets does the company sell its goods and services in?

-How does the business differentiate itself from competitors to acquire a competitive edge?

-What management practices and procedures can the business implement to prosper and become more efficient?

An efficient strategy process can be guided by the answers to these questions, joined with a financial discipline.

These are the following questions CFOs can answer from this point.

-Are the business’s financial objectives realistic?

-Which markets and products provide the potential for revenue or margin growth?

-How can the business finance significant expenditures to increase competitive advantage, market value, and returns? Business models, legal and tax entities, onshore, offshore, and outsourced talent models, automation, networking, and build versus buy are examples of topics.

-Which management and financial reporting tools can the business use to effectively implement the strategy?

Additionally, Gary McGaghey has served in executive capacities for organizations including Unilever, Nelsons, and Robertsons. He completed his undergraduate work at the University of Natal and his graduate work in business at the University of South Africa. He is also certified as a non-executive director. Gary McGaghey is a chartered management accountant (ACCMA) in the UK and a chartered accountant (CA (SA)) in South Africa.

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