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Former Rugby Player Matthew Mansell Founded Athlo The Next Fitness Unicorn


Former pro rugby player Matthew Mansell knows about competition, he also knows that some of the best business gains have come from cooperation and aid from potential competitors. So, when he decided to set up the next fitness unicorn, the fitness platform Athlo, he avoided marketing disruption and displacing gyms and fitness centers.

Instead of dismantling product offerings and relationships, Matthew Mansell came up with the idea to confront the points of pain that potential competitors may be experiencing with aggregators and find a way to cooperate and fold the gyms into a profitable package.

The Athlo Founder developed a platform serving three constituencies. Athlo serves those who want to use the service to curate classes and memberships for their personal use as well as those who want to use his platform for shopping their own classes or memberships on the app, and to help fitness center facilities that want to grow their memberships.

Mansell decided to make the gyms and fitness centers a focus of his business model by becoming an intermediary that made sure the relationship between fitness center facilities and digital remained beneficial.

Launching Athlo right after the ending of the pandemic boded well for cooperative partnerships with fitness center facilities. Many gyms and fitness centers took a hard hit during the pandemic and needed help recovering the retention of the few members they had kept and activating campaigns to bring in new members.

Mansell helps fitness centers and gyms out in many ways, mostly with retention and attrition rates. Customer acquisition is more costly than keeping members. Economically speaking, it is best to keep members. Still yet, if the gyms and fitness centers can extend their memberships by one month, they will notice that it will have a positive effect on the baseline of their businesses. See this article to learn more.


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