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Focal Point: Hanif Lalani

People in the telecommunications business have to be innovative. Hanif Lalani is one of those people. He has been in the industry for many years and knows that keeping costs down for consumers will make them happy. One of the things that people use on their cell phones is data.

This is where his company comes into play. Hanif Lalani is trying to do his best when it comes to costs and how to keep the consumer satisfied. There is much more to him than just the business side of things. He wants to be able to have fun at the same time.

Hanif Lalani was born in 1962 in Uganda. His parents moved his family to the United Kingdom at 10. Lalani began working for the BT Group in 1983, becoming the finance director in Northern Ireland in 1998. He became CEO in 1999, then finance director in 2005. In 2008, he became CEO of BT Global Services as a whole.

The reason that Hanif Lalani got into the telecommunications business in the first place was college. He went to the University of Essex and fell in love with economics. This is what spurred him on to become a businessman. He likes to know what is going on with his company and how to make things better in the long-term. However, he is not all business and no play. He likes to have fun. He says when he was young that he was gifted in sports, but he has let that go by the wayside. He loves many different things.

One of the things that Hanif Lalani likes to do when he is on the job is problem solving. He has been very good at it over the years, and he does not do it alone. Lalani works well with others in order to get the job done. He can find a problem and figure out the best way to solve it for his business.

He has been very accurate when it comes to his solutions. This is one thing that he would like to pass on to other business leaders. They have to solve complex business problems. Refer to this article for related Information.


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