ElectrifAi, a leader in business-ready machine learning solutions, is helping companies unlock their data’s hidden potential. The company’s consequential AI approach helps companies get the most out of their data, allowing them to drive real, measurable business results quickly. By using prebuilt machine learning and NLP solutions that can be deployed quickly on any cloud platform or premise, the company has achieved a stunning 95% success rate when it comes to helping companies solve pressing issues with only 6-7 data points.

CEO and founder Edward Scott believes companies should focus on driving consequential business value instead of getting caught up in tedious and complicated tech plumbing like elastic storage and computing. He recognizes that deriving business value from the data can be tough, which is why ElectrifAi exists – to make it easier for large and medium size enterprises to do so in just 6-8 weeks.

Scott explains that a true goal for many businesses is making their data a strategic weapon, but more often than not, they need more time and resources since missing or inaccurate data can cause problems. That’s what makes ElectrifAi so appealing; it simplifies the process by already doing the heavy lifting for you, saving time and money for businesses who want to ensure their data is working for them.

By tackling all of these issues before they snowball into bigger ones down the line, the company has become a valuable ally in countless businesses’ journey towards unlocking their information overload – turning disparate datasets into an asset rather than another mountain of work that never seems quite as finished as they’d like. With an incredible 95% success rate thanks to its pre-built datasets and customized machine learning models available across any cloud platform or even on-premise, it’s no surprise that companies are relying on ElectrifAI when it comes to deciphering raw facts into truly consequential AI.