Don Manifold Investor

Don Manifold Provides the Expertise Which Serves As the Foundation for Success

What does success as a CEO mean? People often talk about it in terms of career advancement. But experts like Don Manifold highlight another part of a successful position as CEO – leadership. Because Don Manifold has most certainly achieved notable success within both academia and his life in the business world. But he’s also leveraged each of the victories to guide others in doing the same.

Manifold’s rise to the top began at Flinders University where he’d earn a Bachelor of Economics with Honors before continuing to a Master of Business Administration (MBA). His academic performance would also be recognized as a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountant. But it’s how Don Manifold leveraged that academic advancement that makes his story so important to anyone interested in business.

Manifold’s professional life began before he’d even graduated. And while that journey started in Adelaide, his drive would take him to business hubs in many other areas. These locations included Melbourne, London, and Sydney. His interest in the larger scale of business continued even after returning to Adelaide to work with KPMG. He’d work in international transactions in countries as widespread as Papua New Guinea, Australia, England, and Croatia. This experience would culminate with a position as Managing Partner at Ernst and Young in 2015.

In short, Manifold had gained a vast amount of experience over the years. Not just in Australia, but in the world as a whole. This led to his founding of Manifold Advisory Partners in 2018. His firm specializes in helping companies to develop, grow, and execute business strategies at the Board level.

He leverages his experience doing business all over the world and in a variety of contexts and roles. And this also highlights what success in the business world means. It’s not just about rising to the top. But, as Manifold demonstrates, also possessing the leadership skills needed to guide other people to similar positions. Refer to this page for additional information.