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Colcom Foundation Unmatched Support for Important Causes


Founded in 1996 by Cordelia Scaife May, Colcom Foundation is an anti-immigration organization. This foundation is centered around a philanthropic tradition of supporting fundamental causes, whether mainstream or not. For example, the organization was a major supporter of women’s reproductive freedoms before it was championed by popular culture. Today, Colcom Foundation cements its legacy by promoting public dialogues concerning ecologically sustainable immigration issues. In addition, the organization is a supporter of aid-in-dying processes by practitioners and individual autonomy in end-of-life care.

Colcom Foundation has made many impacts with its activities. The company funds various national projects focusing on the effects of increased human population on the environment. Colcom aids companies in using media centers to provide education aimed at preventing unplanned and unwanted pregnancies in order to reduce childbirths in the United States and globally. The organization also works with companies that promote healthy immigration policies to avoid the adverse effects of excess immigrants in the nation.

The foundation funds environmental and conservation projects in various southwestern Pennsylvania counties, including Allegheny, Bedford, Cambria, Indiana, Somerset and Washington. Colcom backs up the Hollow Oak Land Trust, which protects greenspaces in the Pittsburgh Airport Corridor. The trust manages nine conservation areas covering more than 700 acres of land. Another organization Colcom Foundation supports is the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, which provides grants as short-lived, zero-interest loans to trusts and other organizations dedicated to preserving open spaces.

Colcom Foundation also supports projects that enhance people’s quality of life in southwestern Pennsylvania. For instance, the organization is a partner of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, which preserves artefacts related to various areas of the human past. The organization is also involved in community and economic development by working with organizations that maintain scenic beauty. These include Scenic Pittsburgh, Grounded and other nonprofit organizations in southwestern Pennsylvania. Visit this page for related information.


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