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Art is one way that artists communicate. Today, individuals and organizations worldwide appreciate artists’ work and are offering their support. Among the organizations dedicated to supporting contemporary art through the collection and financial support is Mirabaud. The group is a committed financial company that has existed for over 200 years. It supports not only art collections but also institutions that train art worldwide and the organizations that organize art events, including Zurich Art Weekend.

Mirabaud has shown its commitment to making available the arts it collects to the world by developing a website that is open to the world to access. The banking and financial firm does not only make the art collections available to the world but also to the organizations that may need them. The organization has been working with other organizations in different cities and towns to beautify the landscape; this allows the authorities to create more space. The firm also donates artworks done by prominent world artists across the world.

The dedication shown by Mirabaud is evidence of the importance of art in our community; the special exertion allows the world to view things differently as we face the challenges in the world, as well as allowing us to view the world with different eyes. Art is evidence that creativity is important in all innovations and helps us to think differently. The decision made by the banking organization to support art and artists means nourishing the world of concepts and the artists that bring the ideas. For over 200 years, the organization supporting the values of standing in the gap of creators and shimmering the place of an individual in the world.

Since Mirabaud began to support art, it has been giving its unending support to art organizations, including FIAC Hors les Murs, responsible for displaying art and artists’ work in Paris each year. Click this page to learn more.


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