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DSI’s Cloud Inventory Platform Features New Field Inventory Suite

DSI is the premiere in cloud-based inventory management services. The company announced their addition of a revolutionary new Field Inventory management tool to the platform in 2020. The new feature provides commercial users with an in-depth view of their inventory updated in real time at every touch point in the production and delivery process.

Salesforce, a cloud-based customer relationship management service company will work in tandem with DSI’s new Inventory Management-Field Inventory features, enabling users to utilize its collection of enterprise applications alongside a powerful Field Inventory management toolkit. This functionality allows customers to issue work orders while tracking the inventory, tooling, and labor in real-time to verify its location and condition. Cloud Inventory will now offer further solutions for completing service work in a timely manner while ensuring that Cloud Inventory users can be aware up front of the details required to bring a job to completion and pass that benefit to their clients.

DSI hopes that this innovative new service will assist today’s companies in solving the complex supply chain issues facing the modern economy. Cloud Inventory has a user-friendly layout that doesn’t require a team of programmers to easily update inventory logs. The platform’s drag and drop interface allows for quick and easy updates to inventory databases. The platform includes a robust suite of inventory management applications as well as an array of data points and trackers in a dashboard format to help companies monitor the efficiency of their inventory systems.

Cloud Inventory’s platform is designed with companies in mind which employ many hands and processes across many locations. Businesses for whom these tools become regular parts of their staff’s process for customer relations management and inventory tracking can expect marked increases in productivity in their execution of service orders in their field. Read this article, for more information about Cloud Inventory.


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