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Robert Bull Leads RoyaleLife to Greater Heights

Successful people start early in the day. It’s how they get things done, and Robert Bull, Chief Executive Officer for RoyaleLife is no different. His day starts at 6:30 in the morning, and he is sitting at his office by 8:00 am. RoyaleLife is the largest bungalow creator for people over 45 in the UK. Under Bull’s leadership, the company has revolutionalized the Bungalow Lifestyle making it affordable for everyone. The bungalows are located in gated communities and offer luxury single-story living in great locations. The key to this company’s success has been the home exchange scheme which gives the buyer 100% of the value of their home and leaves them enough money after buying a bungalow to live comfortably.

Robert Bull is a true visionary that leads the company to future growth through his ability to see living trends. The company started in 1945 but has never seen as much growth as it now enjoys. Bull noticed that there was a gap in the housing market and that smaller bungalows were not being built for older people. Developers were only concentrating on family homes. So 10 years ag he focused his team’s attention on the over 45-year-old market and more

Research had shown that people over forty wanted low maintenance and smaller living spaces, so Robert Bull decided to address the problems. He believes people want to downsize, so selling their home and purchasing a bungalow helps consumers have a beautiful place to live while at the same time giving them the capital they want.

Today the RoyaleLife team works closely together. Robert Bull encourages every team member to have a voice and to use it to bring new ideas and make new plans for the company. His job is to ensure that everyone in the company feels comfortable in making a contribution.