Hydrogen Fuel Cells Zero Emission

ZeroAvia is Leading the Way to Sustainable Aviation Energy

ZeroAvia aviation is a UK-based company developing alternative aviation fuel and avionics technologies. The company has the latest technology in providing zero emissions in the flight industry. In the last few years, ZeroAvia has been featured by several organizations as one of the drivers of sustainable greener energy (Pitchbook).


ZeroAvia Green Hydrogen

To understand ZeroAvia technology, let’s, first of all, understand what green hydrogen is. In simple terms, green hydrogen is the renewable energy that is stored as hydrogen. The fuel cell technology used by ZeroAvia uses the green hydrogen to create water during the process of converting it into electricity. This can power any electric aircraft, including planes and helicopters. Not only does the green hydrogen enable clean energy, but it also requires less storage space compared with traditional batteries.



How is ZeroAvia leading?

Through this new technology, traditional batteries and solar panels are slowly becoming outdated. As a matter of fact, ZeroAvia has become the forerunner in the aviation industry. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved a new technology to power aircraft with green hydrogen for the first time in history. ZeroAvia says it plans to have up to 5% or 10% of international flights using sustainable, greener energy sources, including green hydrogen, by 2030.

According to ZeroAvia, “It will contribute to the worldwide effort in reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the hydrogen economy. It will also help enhance air transport safety and efficiency by developing a new generation of aircraft with lighter weight and greatly reduced maintenance costs, which is expected to create many opportunities both in industrial & commercial aviation. ZeroAvia continues to invest in research and development to generate cleaner energy sustainable aviation solutions that are cheaper, simpler to use, and easy to adapt into existing platforms. Indeed, the future of greener energy is secure with ZeroAvia.