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Meet Dr. Barry Lall, the World’s Best Teacher of Hospitality Management

Barry Lall insistence on helping every member of his team, irrespective of their position, ensures that every member of the Pinnacle team is having an amazing time. He insists on providing them with creative outlets for this energy, through which they feel most fulfilled, supported, and encouraged. His holistic approach to the way he manages his business is a case study in how to teach staff, which includes taking the time to listen to their concerns, questioning their opinions, and investing the time needed to understand what they need to improve.

Since it is not an easy task in our current environment, it shows that a leader can hold on to the team and take the time to genuinely get to know their concerns, ideas and ideas. The owner, CEO and president of Pinnacle Hotels, Lall believes that people make a business successful, which is evident in his company’s desire to engage with their staff and let them know that they are a part of something that is bigger than their job. Lall said, “I believe strongly in people’s potential and passion for what they do. At Pinnacle we take great pride in our people.

They are the lifeblood of the company.” At Pinnacle Hotels, employees are given a clear picture of what is expected from them at all times, which not only allows them to do a good job, but enables them to work at their maximum potential. “In any organization, people come first and are the main reasons for its success or failure. Therefore, I make it a point to invest in their growth.” Dr. Barry Lall shows a marked passion for his work, and makes his entire team feel energized. It has seen his company grow to a large corporation working with some of the biggest brands within the hospitality industry.

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