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Miki Agrawal: Disrupting our status quo with innovations

Miki Agrawal is a renowned disruption expert, author, and speaker. She designs products that are used by millions of people globally. Agrawal also founded TushyTM, an award-winning bidet toilet attachment that has changed the way millions of people think about bathroom cleanliness across North America. Also, she received Google Global Impact Award for her work in social entrepreneurship and a 2015 Sundance Institute.

Miki Agrawal decided to build a fitness brand to help people become healthier and happier in the most comfortable ways. This was after being sidelined due to injuries when playing soccer. Her body-positive brand is designed for everybody, offering products that make healthy living fun, engaging and accessible.

Even though she was inexperienced in cooking, she was inspired to create an exceptional and healthy meal delivery service. It was launched in New York City in January 2016, with plans to expand the brand to other cities. She is the founder of BeautyMark, a company dedicated to changing beauty standards and empowering women by giving them safe products for their body parts. Most of her makeup is certified organic, gluten-free, vegan, made in Canada or the USA.

Miki Agrawal attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and landed a job at G-Star Raw. She worked in fashion PR for seven years before founding her first brand THINX underwear that prevents menstruation stains, in 2011. Her goal when creating THINX was to create something functional that women would want to buy.

She wanted to create a more convenient and comfortable way for women to feel clean. This was her first company and its initial offering, absorbent underwear called THINX, designed to be stain-resistant and long-lasting. Agrawal says that her products are sustainable because they help women manage their period while using less plastic than conventional sanitary pads by washing reusable panties instead of throwing them away every month after use.