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Alliance Defending Freedom


Alliance Defending Freedom is a legal organization based in Scottsdale and D.C. They aim to build a culture of religious freedom, which means strengthening the importance of religious liberty through policy advocacy, education, training, and public outreach. It has been active since 1994 and strives to end anti-religious discrimination by advocating for people persecuted because of their faith.

Alliance Defending Freedom has given a lot of time and effort to teach people about the sanctity of human life. The idea of striving for a culture that believes in the sacredness of all human life is a concept that many people across the globe share. This belief is what drives the work done by organization.

The organization is dedicated to upholding free speech, irrespective of the content being said. They view free speech as an essential value in every society. The group aims to ensure that everyone has the right to express their thoughts and beliefs publicly. In this sense, Alliance Defending Freedom is creating a better world for everyone by providing freedom of speech is protected equally for all people.

Alliance Defending Freedom believes in using the legal system to protect religious freedom. They have been working with local government bodies, military leaders, and public officials to ensure religious liberty is upheld regardless of where a person lives. This includes advocating for laws that provide churches are exempt from property taxes and doing all they can to stop discrimination against people of faith. It is committed to promoting a pro-life perspective. This means advocating against abortion and working to protect the lives of unborn children. They support the legal right of citizens to defend themselves in religious freedom cases.

ADF is a group committed to advocating for religious freedom worldwide. They are a group that strives to support every person’s core values and ideals regardless of their religious beliefs. For this reason, it has become one of the most effective and influential organizations in the United States. Visit this page for related information.


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