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Alliance Defending Freedom And The Rights of Parents

Alliance Defending Freedom works to protect parents’ rights in protecting their kids’ welfare, health, and upbringing. In today’s society, there are many divisive ideologies that sometimes threaten the rights of parents in raising their children. In fact, the issue is so severe that the ADF has decided to step in and help protect parental rights.

Why Are Parental Rights Important?

Most children are born into families. Even if they’re adopted, they are brought into a family unit that is mostly run by parents. The US Constitution protects a parent’s right to oversee the upbringing of their children, whether it’s in terms of education, clothes, shelter, and other needs.

According to Alliance Defending Freedom, a parental right is so important that it’s considered pre-political. That means it’s a natural right that existed before the state, and it cannot be taken away. These rights include, but are not limited to, making safe decisions in regard to a child’s health care and education in a way that aligns with the family’s values. Withholding this right prevents parents from overseeing their kids’ wellbeing.

How Does the ADF Help

The Alliance Defending Freedom steps in and helps parents whose rights are being violated. For instance, a school board in Virginia used the “Critical Race Theory” to enact policies that discriminated against certain students because of their race and tried to teach them a radical ideology. The parents approached the organization for assistance. ADF sued the school board for violating the civil rights of the students and parents’ rights. This is just one of the cases that happens in schools that can threaten parental rights.

The Alliance Defending Freedom was stepping in and helping such parents and students because they believe parents should be kept aware of how their kids are treated and what they’re being taught in schools. They have the right to seek choice, transparency, and accountability in regard to their kids’ education. See related link for more information.


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