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Alliance Defending Freedom: A Non-Profit Organization Defending Religious Freedom, Free Speech, and the Sanctity of Life

In order to preserve the sanctity of life, free speech, and religious liberty, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a non-profit legal organization, was established in 1994. Alliance Defending Freedom has gained a reputation as a leader in legal advocacy, and its work has resulted in numerous legal victories that have helped secure religious freedom and free speech for Americans.

The legal and advocacy staff of the organization have been involved in a wide range of cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and other courts nationwide. Their work led to significant legal victories, including landmark decisions that protect religious freedom and free speech, such as the Masterpiece Cakeshop case in 2018.

Defense of the rights of people and groups to freely express their opinions without concern for governmental censorship or punishment is one of the key areas of focus for Alliance Defending Freedom. ADF has protected people’s freedoms of speech and religion in public settings, as well as students’ free speech rights on college campuses.

In addition to its work defending free speech, Alliance Defending Freedom also works to protect the sanctity of life. ADF also created the Center for Life, which combats abortion and defends the sanctity of life. And in 1999, ADF attorneys helped win a federal court victory for a young girl who wanted to say grace before her school lunch. The organization has participated in a number of cases seeking to protect the lives of the unborn, and it has worked to ensure that pro-life advocates are not punished for expressing their beliefs.

Beyond its legal work, Alliance Defending Freedom provides resources and training to attorneys and advocates fighting for religious freedom, free speech, and the sanctity of life. The organization’s training programs equip attorneys with the tools they need to defend these fundamental rights effectively.

Alliance Defending Freedom is a champion of religious freedom, free speech, and the sanctity of life. Its legal victories have helped secure these fundamental rights for Americans, and its ongoing work will continue to ensure that these freedoms are protected for future generations. To learn more about the organization or support its work, visit its website at


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