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All About Stephen Bittel

Stephen Bittel shared a lot of valuable information about himself during a recent interview. Here are some of the key highlights.

Hometown Info

Stephen Bittel grew up in Miami. When he finished high school, he continued his education at Bowdoin College, which is also in Miami. After he graduated, he started his career and became a CEO/investor.

Business and Project Info

Currently, Bittel is in the process of establishing a recently built headquarters. He is also in charge of another project, which involves a secondary building in Coral Gables.

The interviewer also covered some of Bittel’s latest accomplishments in the world of real estate. According to Bittel, he acquired four buildings. They’re available in Miracle Mile and in Coral Gables.

Bittel also talked about his contributions. He recently donated money to the Miami Miller School of Medicine. The funds went to the Movement and Disorder Division.

Hobbies and Interests

When Bittel is not being a CEO, he likes to spend time outdoors in a garden. He is a big fan of orchids.

Bittel also likes to drink different types of wine. When he’s not unwinding, he practices philanthropy.

During this part of the interview, Bittel talked about travels. His latest adventure took place in the Bahamas. Bittel explored the Bahamas on land and on a boat. Because Bittel is a hunter, he spent a lot of time fishing throughout the adventure.

About TerraNova Corp

TerraNova Corp is Bittel’s real estate investment business. It’s located in Miami, and it has a billion-dollar portfolio.

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