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 Alfons Hörmann Recap

Alfons Hörmann’s life and times

Alfons Hörmann is the new president of the Deutscher Fussball-Bund (DFB), the governing body of football in Germany. He has been a member of the DFB’s executive board since 2009 and was vice president from 2010 to 2013. He also served as general secretary of the German Olympic Sports Confederation from 2006 to 2009.

Football Governance

Under Hörmann’s leadership, the DSB has made progress in reforming football governance. In particular, he has worked to improve transparency and accountability within German football.

The DSB is the governing body for the sport of football in Germany.

As President of the DSB, Alfons Hörmann has significantly contributed to improving German football governance. He is an experienced business leader committed to ensuring that football is governed responsibly and moderately.

Business Career

Alfons Hörmann has had a long and successful business career. He started as a sales representative and worked his way up the company ladder. In December 2018, he was elected President of the Deutscher Sportbund (German Sports Federation).

As President of the Deutscher Sportbund, Alfons Hörmann is responsible for promoting and protecting German sports. He has worked hard to increase sports program funding and improve infrastructure. Under his leadership, the German Olympic Committee was reorganized into six regional committees.

Alfons Hörmann is a dedicated sportsman himself. He played football in his youth and competed in amateur-level competitions. He also served as the German Handball Association’s President for a time. Alfons Hörmann is a tireless advocate for sports and will continue to work hard to promote German sports throughout his presidency of the Deutscher Sportbund.

Aids Foundation

Since December, he has been the President of the Deutscher Aids-Fonds (DAF), a foundation that aims to create access to quality care for people with HIV/AIDS. Previously, he served as the Chairman of Bayer AG’s Board of Management from 2007 until 2015.

Alfons Hörmann has a background in business and sports. He started his career at Siemens AG, where he held various positions, including Vice President for Sales and Marketing. In 1997, he joined Bayer AG, where he held several positions, including Chairman of the Board of Management from 2007 until 2015. During his tenure at Bayer AG, he helped revive the company and make it one of the world’s leading chemical companies.

Presidency of the Deutscher Tennis Bund

Alfons Hörmann has been the President of the Deutscher Tennis Bund since December . He has a long history in tennis, having been a professional player for over 20 years.

In his previous roles, he has been involved in many aspects of tennis administration. He has served as the General Secretary of the German Tennis Federation (DTF) and the ITF World Tour Appeals Committee Chairman.

Since taking office, Mr. Hörmann has focused on expanding the sport’s reach beyond Germany. In 2017, he launched the Deutscher Tennis Cup, which brings together top amateur players worldwide to compete in German tournaments. This year, he also won the Alfons Hörmann Trophy, awarded to the best male player in Europe.

Under his leadership, the Deutsche Tennis Bund continues to grow and improve its infrastructure. He is also working to increase tennis sponsorship opportunities in Germany and promote young talent. Learn more about Alfons Hormann