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About Colcom Foundation

Colcom Foundation supports fundamental causes, organizations, and events in the communities where we live and work. Our focus is not to create something new but to improve the quality of a good thing. We invest in organizations that are already accomplishing essential things or are on a path toward doing so with our support.

Colcom Foundation is particularly interested in supporting organizations and events that are working to create a path towards reform of the immigration system at the federal, state and local level, thereby helping millions of people become productive members of our society.

Colcom Foundation was established in August 2006 by people who care deeply about the prosperity and promise of their home state, Arizona. The Colcom board members are from diverse professional backgrounds. Still, they are united in their concern for the state’s continued growth and prosperity and their belief that Arizona needs to live up to its future as a shining example of how our country can lead the world in economic development and human values. They promote a public dialogue on ecologically sustainable immigration, emphasizing our shared humanity.

The Foundation’s core principle is to invest in socially responsible public policy-making initiatives or organizations that achieve outstanding results yet do so within the boundaries of the law. The Sixth Mass Extinction is their primary focus, where they are part of the solution by supporting organizations working to create an inclusive society.

They want to help ensure that essential reform and policies move forward sustainably, allowing immigrants, refugees and permanent residents to contribute their unique talents to our communities. The Colcom board members understand that good public policy is a long-term project requiring intellectual integrity, tenacity and passion for seeing the change that must happen. They see their work helping create this change as an investment for Arizona and the country. Refer to this article for additional information.


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